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The Mantalongon National High School received 10 units of computer with accessories funded by the Department of Education last 2001. Mrs. Andresa Mirasol, SST III, designated as ICT Coordinator by Mr. Luis Carin, Principal 1; now Lead Principal of the Dalaguete Secondary Schools.

        In the school year 2006-07, Mr. George P. Lumayag, SST I, designated as the ICT Coordinator of the school by Mr. Ramon M. Cortes, the Secondary School Principal I.

        In 2008, MNHS received a set of PC with a printer and a router from the Smart GILAS institution and installed the Smart Bro residential canopy. That is a three year contract of the Smart GILAS program. The school has the LAN and wireless Internet connections since 2008. The GILAS wireless connection was then configured by the ICT Coordinator intomantalongon_nhs1966. It was a dynamic set up.

        On November 4,  2009, the school received 11 sets of Computer funded by the DepEd Central Office.  MNHS-ICT also availed another Internet connection of the DepEd Internet Connectivity Program (DICP) which is a DepEd package. Still the Smart Bro offered us another connection. And it is the corporate canopy device installed which is faster compared to the residential canopy of GILAS. The DICP wireless router was configured by Mr. Lumayag, ICT Coordinator and he named it mnhs_ict2005george; it's a static wireless connection.

       Mr. Lumayag configured another wireless router on March 12, 2012 and named it mnhs1966_free_wifi. It's installed in the Science Laboratory so that teachers, students, and visitors can access the free wifi connection in the campus. 

        On June 6, 2012, Mr. Lumayag installed 3 wireless routers in the different strategic locations at the main campus. The said campus would have free wifi connection for students, teachers, and visitors. 

        And on July 4, 20112, he used the improvised C shape and umbrella type of Wifi boosters justly to increase the Wifi connection in school. And he found out that the signal strength increased to six times compared to the ordinary wireless router.

        The school MNHS has a DepEd School ID 303000 with its internet subscription with Smart Bro (Residential Canopy) Account No. 0135822361 of GILAS program; and another Smart Bro (Corporate Canopy) Account No. 0713850179 of DICP. This DICP connection configured online last December 2011 but temporarily stopped on March 2012 due to the failure of DICP budget allocation intended for Mantalongon NHS-Dalaguete. 

        Mr. Lumayag, ICT Coordinator of the school, emailed DICP requirements to DepEd DICP in-charge in Central Office and he also, emailed Ms. Sharon Ner, Smart Program Coordinator in the Internet for All. In response to the DICP problem of the school, Ms. Sharon emailed Mr. Elmer Guizano, DICP in-charge of DepEd. She also copy furnished her email to Madam Elena Paras, DepEd Supervisor, Cebu Province Division, Region VII.

        On October 12, 2012, the DepEd Cebu Province ICT Supervisor emailed Mr. Lumayag that MNHS is included in the Sub-Allotment Release Order (SARO) issued from the Central Office. MNHS is now a DICP recipient. The school should have to download the DICP budget allocation for the payment of the telco and fast Internet services through LAN and WiFi connections are available but subject to compliance of DepEd Internet Usage Guidelines under DepED Order No. 105, s. 2009.

        However, for the purpose of the school communication to other agencies both private and public, Mr. Lumayag electronically modified the school logo using Corel Draw 11 and Photoshop 7. He also designed PTA logo, SSG logo, Teachers Association logo and Caliongan NHS logo. 

        Now, the school has a website: and www.mantalongonnhsict.weebly.comin the ICT Department. Mr. Lumayag had purchased a website domain name from his personal savings worth Php 2,000.00 plus for one year. The school did not spend a single centavo for that. This  website is his personal site for online lectures of his Mantalongon NHS Computer Technology students. He also designed other websites that would serve as sample sites during his demo lectures to his CompTech students.
Mr. George P. Lumayag, Mantalongon NHS-ICT Coordinator
Graduated: AB-BSE in English Literature at the University of Cebu in 1994
with 21 units in M.A. in Education @ Bohol Institute of Technology, Tagilaran City in 1999-2001;
with 24 units in M.A. in Educational Management @ St. Catherine's College, Carcar in 2001-2003;
Graduated: CERTIFICATE IN INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY (C.I.T.) MAJOR IN COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY as of                             March 20, 2010 @ Cebu Technological University in 2008-2010 (Night Session);
Granted: CERTIFICATE OF PROFICIENCY on the graduate level with the field of specialization in Public Administration and had completed the academic requirements in partial fulfillment towards the degree of Master in Education @ Cebu Technological University in 2010-2012.
Thesis Proposal submitted at CTU Argao Campus: "Photo Editing Competencies of Second Year Students of Dalaguete Selected Secondary Schools, Dalaguete, Cebu."                                                                                                                                  
Subject/s Handled: TLE-Computer Technology 2, 3, and 4 
Home Address: Angas-Casay, Dalaguete, Cebu
 Personal Websites:  and
 ICT Department Website:
 Other websites developed: www.casay.weebly.com ; ; ; ;
E-mail Add: [email protected]
My Google Sites:
DepEd links: NCBTS-TSNA , LIS DepEd Site
Phone Numbers: 09213964825 for Smart; 09424413621 for Sun Mobile

ICT Skills: Website Building and WiFi Boosting; LAN and Wireless Connections Networking; PC Hardware and Software Trouble Shootings; Webpage or HTML Source Coding; Turbo C Programming; Photoshop and Logo Designing; Modem/Router Configuration and Internet Parental Controlling, House Wiring, OS and Office Installing and Upgrading, Disks Partitioning, Driver Installing, PC Directory and Printer sharing, Poster and card printing. Encoding, Designing and Programming, using MS Office Applications such as MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point, MS Publisher, MS Access and other application programs like Corel Draw 11 and C++ Programming. 
The Newly Appointed MNHS ICT Treasurer
MRS. ANDRESA Z. MIRASOL, Secondary Sch. Teacher 3
Graduated BSED Math
Graduated M.A.ED
Baby Thesis: Intensive Drills and Exercises in Mathematics
Other Graduate Studies on DIPLOMA IN MATHEMATICS TEACHING with 24 M.A. units
Subject/s Handled: Math 3
E-Mail Ad:  

To all Computer Technology students: You shall settle your voluntary Computer Tech monthly contribution to Mrs. Andresa Mirasol, Third Year Pearl Adviser. 
ICT Network Structure S.Y.: 2012-13

    The Mantalongon National High School is located 13 kilometers west of the town of Dalaguete which is 84 kilometers southeast of Cebu City.

        In its begininning, the school was only an extension high school of Dalaguete Provincial High School in 1966. It was housed in the Mantalongon Elementary School using 2 classrooms for the first and second year students.

        The school is now under the administration of Mr. Luis C. Carin, the Lead Principal of the Dalaguete Secondary Schools with 37 teachers; 6 of them are locally funded facilitators to guide the 1,378 students as of June 7, 2012.

        The school guidance counselor is Mrs. Lilian Carin; Mr. Lito Pelomino, as school property custodian ;Mr. George P. Lumayag, as ICT Coordinator. 
        For information drive and online lectures , Mr. Lumayag has also developed the school ICT Department website: and or www.georgelumayag.comSuch domain name: is a personal website of Mr. Lumayag. He did purchase said domain name from his personal savings worth Php 2,000.00 plus. The school did not spend even a single centavo for that. 

         He is employed in MNHS and appointed as ICT Coordinator by Mr. Ramon M. Cortes, principal 1 SY: 2005-06 up to January 3, 2013. Mr. Lumayag has the right to publish information about the ICT department and he has also the right to publish all of his lectures and students' outputs online. 


Many students new to college do not know what it takes to be successful in the college environment. They understand good and bad grades in a general way, and they sense that they should attend classes, but that is where their knowledge begins and ends.

Most instructors know what a good student is - and is not. For one thing, a good student is not necessarily the most intelligent individual in the class.

The following is a list of some characteristics of good students. This list is a description of what a hard-working student does and what a teacher likes to see. By learning these characteristics, you may better understand the day-to-day and class-to-class behavior of successful students. The idea is to provide you with guidelines you can follow which will help you get down to the business of becoming a serious, successful student.

  1. Successful students attend classes regularly. They are on time. They listen and train themselves to pay attention. If they miss a session, they feel obligated to let the instructor know why before class begins, if possible, and their excuses are legitimate and reasonable. They make sure they get all missed assignments (by contacting the instructor or another student), and understand specifically what was covered in class. Successful students take responsibility for themselves and their actions.
  2. Successful students take advantage of extra credit opportunities when offered. They demonstrate that they care about their grades and are willing to work to improve them. They often do the optional (and frequently challenging) assignments that many students avoid.
  3. Successful students are attentive in class. They don't talk, read, or stare out windows. In other words, they are polite and respectful, even if they get a little bored. They also participate in class even if their attempts are a bit clumsy and difficult. They ask questions that the instructor knows many other students may also have.
  4. Successful students see their instructors before or after class or during office hours about grades, comments on their papers, and upcoming tests. Successful students end up at their instructor's office door at least once during the semester. They'll go out of their way to find the instructor and engage in meaningful conversation. These students demonstrate to the instructor that they are active participants in the learning process and that they take the job of being a student seriously.
  5. Successful students turn in assignments that look neat and sharp. They take the time to produce a final product that looks good, and reflects of a care and pride in their work. Successful students seem driven to complete their assignments. All work and assignments are turned in, even if some of their responses are not brilliant.